What are the knowledge of tobacco and tobacco

for any one of the retail stores, tobacco and alcohol are the bulk of sales, and each owner of the tobacco and wine is also very focused on stocking. For this reason, every Spring Festival, I put the tobacco and alcohol as the focus of stocking. Tobacco and alcohol is the Spring Festival, the largest number of sales of goods, relatives, visit friends have to take smoke get wine, so the Spring Festival stocking and must not be ignored. Speaking of tobacco stocking, seemingly simple, but actually a lot of knowledge.

one is the Spring Festival cigarette stocking. Cigarette sales will increase during the spring festival. The Spring Festival is the most Chinese traditional festival festival, visiting friends and relatives are traditional customs and Chinese known as "reciprocity". And the guests come, take the smoke to entertain guests is essential. The cigarette is a special commodity, in particular, some brands of cigarettes in the festive season in short supply, if it is difficult to set up late stocking tight cigarette.

therefore, the first half of the month before the Spring Festival for cigarette stocking, began to increase the amount of cigarettes ordered, the appropriate increase in stock. Cigarette consumption in the Spring Festival, regardless of sales volume, or the structure is much greater than usual. In the inventory, it is necessary to grasp the reasonable, not to sell cigarettes, less order; good selling cigarettes, to ensure normal enough to sell at the same time, the appropriate number of orders. Reasonable inventory can reduce a lot of pressure. The Spring Festival cigarette stocking to prepare some festive features in line with the festive brand of cigarettes, such as red packaging on behalf of red fire. Mount Huangshan, Hongta mountain, Double Happiness, Hongshuangxi (Red Indian cigarettes).

there are some cigarettes, not only packaging festive, the name is also very happy. For example, "Yellow Crane Tower (wannianhong)", "Pride (Long Fengchengxiang)" and "Jinsheng (good luck)" cigarettes. These festive packaging, the name of the festive cigarettes, in the festive Spring Festival are very popular. In addition, as the saying goes, "there are hundreds of stores of various specifications, customers, customers of cigarette smoke flavor, the price has a different choice, so as to prepare the stock variety, can meet the different tastes of consumers.

second is about the Spring Festival wine stocking. There is a saying that no wine is not a seat, not to mention the family reunion in the Spring Festival day. Liquor consumption occupies half of the country the Spring Festival consumption market, wine can not be stocking. Every Spring Festival, liquor prices will rise. Therefore, the advance of wine stocking, help merchants Spring Festival sales and make money. For the majority of families in the country, the liquor is still the spring table drinks.

therefore, the wine is still based on wine, beer supplemented. In addition to some well-known liquor brands such as Wuliangye, Jiannanchun, Xifeng, some popular liquor brand more ordinary people sought. Also, in recent years, part of the national wine culture and wine culture began to change, the price close to the people and make some Wine wine brand is accepted by the people and sought after, whether it is health or consumer fashion consumption, more and more people began to accept the wine on the table, the spring festival began to appear red wine and grape.

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