How to tear the mask of the liar

join the market opportunities everywhere, of course, to join the scam is also available everywhere, know how to identify the liar to join the game, exposing their true colors can survive in the entrepreneurial market to get the final victory.

To distinguish between a

If, a franchise brand without their trademark, so he what guarantee your proxy rights? What about the exclusive right? Say simply, even if the participation in the company is not a liar, but if you put this brand do fire, you have a rival two also copy like you store then, the brand, with lower prices or other bad competition competing with you, what can you do? You have absolutely no way. He can easily let the so-called brand beat without paying any legal responsibility.

registered trademark exclusive, exclusive characteristics, uniqueness, all registered trademarks belonging to the exclusive, protected by law, any enterprise or individual without the permission of the registered trademark owner or authorized, could not be used on its own, otherwise it will bear tort liability.

in Chinese, trademark of TM also has its special meaning, in fact, TM is not a sign of protection of trademark, it is different from R, TM said that the mark has been applied to the State Trademark Bureau and the State Trademark Bureau has also issued a "Notice of acceptance", into the objection period so, you can prevent the other person to repeat the application, but also said that the existing trademark holders have priority right to use.


know this, now let you gradually understand several typical characteristics of franchising scam:

1, the company’s registration is not a long time (query, can be registered in the company’s location of the business sector such as Beijing some areas of the business sector, as long as the cost of 1 yuan of money, usually not only can query) registered in the mainland, Hongkong also recommended

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