Jewelry franchisee must master the low grade jewelry market

for the rapid development of the jewelry market, and across all levels, according to the price of jewelry can be divided into low, mid-range and high-end, and cheap jewelry in the city can be seen everywhere, but can not be ignored in the low-end jewelry market.

with low-grade small jewelry stores throughout the high streets and back lanes, jewelry store in new products has become the object pursued by girls. Because small adorn article shop investment is very small, the target consumer groups positioning more clearly, so it can flourish, a time to become the focus of investors touted. With the small adorn article shop more and more, and the total number of target consumer groups have remained unchanged, small adorn article industry has gradually fallen into a vicious circle, unable to extricate themselves.

because of low-end jewelry industry more and more brutal competition, almost every shop on the market of goods are all the same, completely unable to form difference, will only lead to an end is the "price war", from then on, every small ornaments shop almost all lived a life hang by a thread.

accessories market competition due to low profits lead to decreased gradually, and even began to make ends meet, manufacturers began to scale to reduce cost, but profits are still unable to meet the normal production and business activities, and innovation are stagnating, in order to reduce the quality cost reduction, quality is not fit to be seen until, consumers gradually away from the competition, the whole industry is a sharp decline in profits.

although low-end jewelry is cheap, cheap, not worth the money, but the competition is very fierce, because of all kinds of competition leads to shrinking of the market in the future still need to re open, I believe that as long as change the mode of competition, no longer quality drop as a result of competition, there will still be many consumers are willing to buy.


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