One stop service allows entrepreneurs to focus on their own projects

government’s support for college students entrepreneurs, than the greatest encouragement. January 24th, West Lake – Star nest angel investment fund launched in Hangzhou. Where there will be entrepreneurial intentions, entrepreneurial potential, innovative ideas, business plans and entrepreneurial passion for college students, have the opportunity to get funding.

, this was established in November last year the "entrepreneurial base", can accommodate 1000 students in business enterprise and technology start-up companies. There are restaurants, conference centers, science and technology exhibition halls, University Students’ apartments and leisure places.

of college students, in the park very favorable conditions. As long as there are entrepreneurial intentions and project plans, in line with the conditions of college students, not only can get 40 – 80 square meters of business space, and two years rent free. "We also for the college students to take charge of routine procedures, such as enterprise track, project planning, marketing, business management training and investment and financing management consulting services we will provide." The person in charge said.


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