How to deal with picky customers

the same business, if the customer picky, this business will undoubtedly face more difficulties, and even difficult to achieve. As for the general customers, basically do not spend any breath, you can easily do one handed delivery. So, if you want a good business, but also need to face different customers have different treatment methods. Among them, if you encounter picky customers how to do?

one day, a customer into the store to buy things, first look around, then pointing, then holding a piece of merchandise to ask: "boss, this thing you are fake and shoddy goods?" I smiled and said: "our shop is disloyal, you look at the store on the billboard written, this shop fake a penalty ten, genuine goods at a fair price, fair trade! Perhaps you can provide us with evidence, you are very welcome to join us in the fight."

the customer asked: "boss, your underwear will be washed after the fade." I still smiled and said: "you said this is the brand underwear manufacturers to ensure that customers, if after washing, bleaching, compensation. This is the reputation of the dealer to guarantee, if there is a problem, and I will be responsible for the end of the factory, you can rest assured."

customers still hesitant: boss, I want to buy a pair of underwear for me and his wife, I like the red, since you do not guarantee that the color, I will buy two sets of it." The business soon lead, I went to tone with the customer praise and said: "I see you are one of the most customer tastes, you always give us valuable advice, I will give businesses timely feedback, in order to better service for customers."

for some picky customers, they will buy our goods in particular, deliberately pick a lot of problems, so that customers often emotional instability, so we must keep calm, as with his own family, and speak to the heart, the tone should be low, the patience to listen to the customer the opinions, even It is sheer fiction. picky, identify the opportunity to communicate, in the face of their dissatisfaction and opposition to patient and meticulous explanations, then to compliment the language in order to get the customer’s favor, our goal will be achieved.

everyone to buy things of mind are not the same, but this might be determined by innate personality, therefore, if you encounter a picky customer, we only need to store operation are not contrary to their circumstances, "along" them, often can make easy. Therefore, picky customers nothing, the key is the need to master the operating methods.

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