What are the 4 indicators to improve sales performance

in your early efforts, your bookstore finally opened up. However, want the bookstore business is hot, not a simple effort can do, in fact, there are related indicators can refer to. So, to improve the bookstore sales performance of the 4 indicators?

your bookstore is open. Now, you are the most demanding thing is how to make the bookstore sales increase, rising? Of course, you have to rack one’s brains, desperately try to search the promotional ideas, but whether you can make a powerful and unconstrained style ideas into view, make effective thinking focus on a multitude of things?

retail theory, the performance of the bookstore before and after the performance of the 4 indicators of change – [traffic], [purchase rate], [single purchase amount], [back rate].

that is to say, the growth of these 4 indicators is better, the bookstore’s sales performance to enhance the faster! Why don’t we focus on how to help these 4 indicators to improve steadily?

1, traffic:

when it comes to a shop location, it has focused on pedestrian flow to do the analysis. After the opening of the bookstore, the nature of the pedestrian flow is basically stable, we can also continue to attract new readers through advertising, promotional activities and other means.

ads do not have to spend money. For example, there are a lot of newspapers, radio stations do (or ready to do) reading columns, they also want to get the latest source of library information (of course, hope to be free), in order to meet the content of the column preparation. If you can with newspapers, radio and other links, and their reading section (plate) to exchange information that the bookstore provides the latest book information free, free media published, broadcast this column by XX Bookstore CO "or" this column book by XX bookstore "– this is not" free "the advertisement?

wants to promote a bookstore, in addition to the local information port, BBS posts, open blog. You can also talk about his new book to the bookstore, book reviews and Digest posted wonderful, organizing a variety of reading activities. There will certainly be a lot of friends who like to read (not know you in the past) to continue to join them, mutual exchange and discussion. These positions on the Internet can become a catalyst to attract readers and bookstores, portals and emotional ties between the bookstore and the reader.

is only a reminder, bookstore operators posted online and sent to the media information must have material (story and knowledge), interesting (humor and humor), a (mental and emotional), must not casually piled up garbage, it is absolutely a thankless task.

2, the purchase rate: < / recommendation

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