Lin the nternet is the driving force of innovation driven development strategy

China has taken full advantage of the Internet’s driving force for the economy, and the Internet into the future development plan. The use of science and technology and the power of information to promote structural reform of the economy, so that everyone can choose innovation and entrepreneurship.

held within 17 days of the Second World Conference of the Internet Internet innovation and sustainable development "forum, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission Lin Nian Xiu keynote speech said that the China government attaches great importance to the integration of the Internet innovation and development, as the leading force for the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, carry out effective platform for entrepreneurship peoples the innovation of the public, an important starting point to promote economic structural reform.

he said, effectively boosting Chinese innovative new era of innovation and development of the internet. In recent years, with the popularity of mobile Internet and the widespread use of big data, cloud computing, the Internet triggered a new round of industrial revolution. Chinese government actively promote the effective integration of Internet innovation and entrepreneurship, talent, technology, capital, guide management elements gathering resources integration, open sharing, forming various types of different levels of management platform, and everyone can make innovation and entrepreneurship.

he said, open Internet sharing, Chinese effectively boost the cause of poverty reduction development. In recent years, the Chinese government to give full play to the transparency of the Internet open and transparent characteristics, through decentralization, put the tube in conjunction with the optimization of services and other reforms to mobilize the whole society entrepreneurial passion. By supporting the development of e-commerce, to encourage migrant workers to return home to start a large number of poor people through their own business embarked on the road to riches.

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