How to find four partners to provide good advice

entrepreneurship in order to completely rely on personal strength alone is impossible, and often need to rely on cooperation with others in order to play a more resource advantage. So how to find the initial venture partner? Here are four good suggestions for entrepreneurs.

1, venture partner how to find? Don’t believe such a thing Taoyuan three sworn brothers don’t believe that Liu Bei sell sandals encountered sell date Guan Yu, and then pull the admission of Zhang Fei hit the world like a nouveau riche fairy tale. So how to find the founder? The first way is to find a proper understanding of the people in the relative; second is through the intermediate link of strong, such as two degrees, let an acquaintance, is also a way to introduce investors; the third is from the staff in training future partnership, which means you the company ranks to open, the staff to have the opportunity to rise up and step.

2, venture partner how to find? The ability of partners to be complementary, and should not turn Shun startups products, marketing, technology, operating several dimensions are required to take charge as chief of, are all dry before looking for a group of   CTO, CMO, CFO to do poineering work together will turn clockwise. If you say, that he is rich! If you have money to come to investors ah!

3, the average allocation of shares of partners, the founder of the team must be able to be a long time to control the operation of the company and the board’s decision-making power. At the same time, when facing some uncertain situation decision early in the company, to avoid due to 55 equity allocation of debate, decision delay under delay aircraft situation.

4, venture partner how to find? Not suitable for the development of a person into a partner who used to earn higher salaries, this group of people are willing to come together through thick and thin, is also planning to make a career, but they said the pain may be only a month   3  million pieces of pocket money; the two is the pressure, home mortgage cash flow is very nervous, because you can not guarantee that the situation will become better, don’t expect on the unknowable; finally, are those who do not share, only willing to take a salary, do senior employees who have a mindset called "shoes, sweet".

to find venture partner, can play a greater team strength; conversely, it may weaken the entrepreneurial combat". So entrepreneurs in the early stages of entrepreneurial partners can not be taken lightly, carefully select the right entrepreneurs, and strive to play a plus one is greater than two effect.

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