mprove the supporting policies to stimulate the entrepreneurial potential of College Students

in the entrepreneurial boom, especially for college students, the most potential to create a growth oriented enterprises, but because of its many aspects of their own shortcomings need more support.

Central Party School professor Zhou Tianyong said, from the data analysis, China’s entrepreneurial space is quite large, the developed countries and regions per thousand population have 40 to 50 enterprises, developing countries for 20 to 30, while China is only 11.66. From the international experience, the EU countries to solve the increasingly serious problem of unemployment, began to develop strategies to encourage entrepreneurship from the end of 1990s, 1997 to 2001 5 years, the total EU jobs growth over 10 million. The United States to enhance economic vitality and create jobs, long-term implementation of the national strategy to encourage and nurture entrepreneurship. In order to give full play to the effect of entrepreneurship to promote employment, Japan has developed a series of measures to encourage entrepreneurial activities, and in the labor policy formulated to help young people, women and other vulnerable groups entrepreneurial policy.

to encourage students to entrepreneurship, China promulgated a series of policies and measures, in which the students start to lead the program for college students venture funding lack of full article: small loans to implement the policy, simplifying procedures for counter guarantee, the guarantee fund to strengthen the independent guarantee function, deadline guarantee obligations appropriate to extend the guarantee fund implement, bank loans and financial discount, focusing on more start-ups to attract college students. Experts pointed out that after the introduction of policies and measures, to make it truly landing and play the maximum effect, the need for social, industrial and commercial, taxation and other departments to strengthen cooperation, focusing on improving the efficiency of employment services.

in addition, promote entrepreneurship and promote employment, but also intensify policy propaganda, let more students know the countries in this regard support policies, improve employment service efficiency, solve the menace from the rear of the student entrepreneur.

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