Pet shop operators need to have what conditions

pet shop in the community people’s lives are very common, the industry is worth looking forward to the development prospects, if you want to invest in a pet shop, then you need to learn what knowledge? If you are a novice do not understand, then together with Xiaobian to learn about it.

pet store management and the operator’s personal quality is closely related. This puts forward new requirements for the operator: a keen insight into the industry, accurate market observation, flexible customer strain. Specific performance in accordance with the level of consumer spending, feeding pets grade, decided to store the grade and price of goods.

in addition, operators need to have a wealth of pet feeding and epidemic prevention knowledge. If not, it is best to hire a few people familiar with the pet feeding knowledge. Attention to environmental health


pet store high requirement for property management: (1) don’t let the dog’s barking, recommended to choose our proximity to residential areas, major road oriented stores; (2) the effect of good ventilation, exhaust smell dog; (3) the beauty salon shall prepare the sewage outfall, tube and violet disinfection lamp.

on the medical side, the current restrictions on pet medical conditions in Shanghai are more, including the store area, store layout, the mandatory provisions of pet physicians. The relevant departments of Beijing City, the city hospital and graded management (from good to poor). In addition, only qualified personnel can be engaged in the pet medical industry.


pet store operators need to have certain qualifications before they can successfully set up shop, anyone can not, so if you want to understand the local conditions of shop, ready to work can be profitable.

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