Rental bike environmental entrepreneurship harvest rich wealth

now in many cities can see a lot of bike rental points, which is undoubtedly a lot of people take the fun of leisure, but also bring convenience. But there are people who want to take a step further than others to find this business opportunity, and harvest a very generous return.

1993 years, Wang Yong gave up the high paying jobs in foreign companies, in the former more than and 300 square meters of shopping malls in the parking lot to start a bike rental business. "I used to have more than and 80 bicycles at the time of my business, and the main guests were foreign tourists." Wang Yong said that in the past, the city of Beijing is a bike city, foreigners to Beijing to see the huge bike team will feel a strong shock". Tour in Beijing, foreigners will require riding a bike around Beijing, because that can make them into the city there is a kind of feeling ", riding a bicycle in the last century in 90s to Beijing in the eyes of foreigners is a kind of fashion.

for the current bicycle rental does not make money, Wang Yong is very optimistic, he said that the bike rental is not pure commercial behavior of their own: "the public bicycle rental industry color is very strong, the bicycle transportation is convenient and flexible, and zero emission. Now the society is advocating green travel, I think I can not say that the bike rental is to ease the traffic problems in Beijing, but can provide convenience to the public. But the car recruitment also created a part of employment to a certain extent. Although my employees can not get a high salary, but can solve the employment problem."


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