Family enrichment project recommended that you make money all year round

is now in the social life, there are a lot of entrepreneurs in the family unit, at the same time, there are many such families between the rich venture project, choose the family business a lot, today Xiaobian Family Entrepreneurs bring some good projects.

1, small family hosted classroom

2, the infant child care center


3, green table food distribution center

center can be divided into city, rural, urban and rural women by cooperative operation. The Department is responsible for planting, breeding, cleaning, packaging, seasonal, seasonal, green pollution-free vegetables, chicken, duck, fish, special poultry, livestock; City Department is responsible for receiving orders, delivery, as well as the need to provide cooking family, washing dishes and other services. What are the items of family entrepreneurship? The project fully integrates the two major resources of urban and rural women, less investment, less risk, and broad market prospects.

4, home service intermediary

5, old clothes restructuring shop

the project to break the traditional big change small, fat thin, fill the holes in the scope of services, mainly to provide creative design restructuring clothing for customers, while providing restructuring accessories, such as ribbons, beads, zippers etc.. The reconstruction does not fit or style of clothes behind the style, or to be discarded clothes changed into other items, such as dolls, headrest backrest, Home Furnishing accessories etc.. Small shops should not be large, the investment cost is not high, but the owner of the creative design capabilities and skills have certain requirements.

6, community small kitchen

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