n the case of genuine fast wave Nora undoubtedly

is dying. Yesterday the market supervision administration of Shenzhen municipality held a hearing on the 260 million Nora huge fines, 7 working days will be announced after the final decision on punishment. Regardless of the final drop hammer is multiple, but the basic can be determined that Nora has been crushed.

Nora die

2.6 billion in cash is to let it bleed directly, the greater the threat lies in this round of storm Nora brand, team and Nora industry hit. Nora executives did not show up, the team has been facing the dissolution of the basic support Nora video sites, the player has been replaced with an unknown tool pioneer video".

Before the

P2P download decline pressure from many aspects. Player comes with P2P function to accelerate the decline of dedicated BT download tools. What’s more important is that people have higher bandwidth resources. Mobile phone, tablet, TV and other video playback hardware terminal and P2P tools to docking, the relevant regulatory authorities for copyright strike directly P2P cornered.

The arrival of the era of

Behind the

giants still enterprise rights infringement on no ground for blame. But Nora told us that China’s genuine finally landed. Since then, each enterprise may be due to video infringement to pay a huge price.

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