How about opening a candy store

if it is to sell candy, many people may feel understandable, but it is not selling candy, but to open a professional candy store. So, how about opening a candy store? Will there be a market for business? Let Xiaobian and you come to know.

this is the first candy store in Beijing.

winter sunshine and without losing the soft, through the glass hit the store in a variety of candy, but also hit the boss Liu’s face, his eyes, very confident.


I was doing network engineering, 10 months a year to run outside. Partners to listen to foreign students said that the candy store in foreign operations are particularly good, while the domestic monopoly of the few. When I talked about it, I was on my mind.

I spent more than 3 months of time to engage in market research, found that the Beijing area was not a franchise candy store, appeared in the Beijing area are displayed in a corner of the supermarket candy or a store, did not fully demonstrate the characteristics of candy.

so I and partners to discuss, each took out 50 thousand dollars, a total investment of $100 thousand. In December 24, 2004, the "Vivian cocoa candy" official business. Opened a few days later met a very good business opportunity, that is, Stephen Chow "Kung Fu" release, the film is the main piece of candy in the film, at the end of a candy house as the background is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. We put the scene into reality, the past few days, the water reached 10 thousand yuan. Opening the first month, turnover reached 100 thousand yuan, lollipop short supply.

we are not because of "Kung Fu" and deliberately to open such a shop, but the initial fire sale for our future development laid the foundation.

how location

had also wanted to open in other places to save costs, and later taking into account the future benefits of the candy house, for the future to do so, then chose in the most prosperous Xidan, light rent will be 17 thousand per month. I chose second in Xidan, third in Langfang University City, 8 this month, Lufthansa opened fourth stores, each store was opened in relatively young area is relatively busy place. Monday to Friday, each store turnover of more than 2000 yuan per day on Saturday, about $3000 to $4500.

operating characteristics

how about opening a candy store? As with any line, it is inevitable that a good project is emulated. Around the same candy store is also gradually more up, want to do a good job of any line is to have their own key

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