Quanzhou for the construction of 15 entrepreneurial incubation base

seize the opportunity for development during the period of transformation and upgrading, China strongly supports the entrepreneurial spirit of entrepreneurship. Quanzhou will support the construction of 15 business incubator base, leading students to participate in Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial success in Quanzhou.

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the vitality of the bonsai, concise display wall, neat and orderly office…… In the entrepreneurial park in Yang’en University, Yang’en University, 2014 Department of marketing Sun Qin and her partner in the office of the layout is very warm in the three. "This is where dreams begin." Sun Qin’s heart had the idea of starting an online shop, now with the help of the college business park "Dongfeng", she and three other senior students, set up the "Misho gardening" company, intends to provide online sales of hydroponic plants, wall greening design services. "Now the target customers are students, after the market development to further expand the target customer groups, to provide more products and services." Sun Qin is full of hope for the future.

it is reported that the total area of more than 2 thousand and 600 square meters of Yang’en University park first, business incubators, divided into two areas of creative entity, which can accommodate 30 – 50 entrepreneurial projects. At the same time, the park set up a multi-purpose public training room, room, service room, etc.. Currently, the first batch of a total of 18 projects settled. Among them, the electricity supplier incubation area has 15 projects; entity creative zone has 3 projects, the main business scope for software development, computer information systems integration, cross-border electricity supplier trade, creative design, etc..

There are many preferential policies

is not only college students, graduate students have also settled in the park. On the recommendation

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