Where are you going

currently choose the road of entrepreneurship more and more people, and investment projects to join the more people to choose. Next, small series and we will do a small test to see where your entrepreneurial direction, in order to give you a business guide.

East or west or south into the North?. Where is your recent fiscal Kyrgyzstan


please according to the present intuition from the following "stable, and make good," four words in any word, to predict what is your money Kyrgyzstan recently?





"secret, insider trading": stable word "hidden" hidden secret, earn great "benefit" benefit from the table down, your money is Kyrgyzstan "insider trading".

Answer: make

"investment, part-time work:" you can make words can be seen "and" post or vote "capital" to earn money, your recent wealth Kyrgyzstan is part-time or investment".


"northeast side, many gold Gen lover:" good words a little less is "gen", gen on gossip is the northeast of meaning, and also represents the meaning of Burgundy boys, can also be interpreted as "Lang" or "mother", regardless of your recent fiscal Kyrgyzstan is "northeast or a lover".


"postures, visit the money": any word can be seen to "put down" section to worship "visit" due to their own people before going back to the previous debt, your recent fiscal Kyrgyzstan is "to return to the debt".

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