How to better manage milk tea shop

milk tea shop is small, but its profits and the market is very large, and its cost is relatively low, the store is relatively small, so it won the attention of many investors. So, if you want to open a milk tea shop, how to manage better? Xiao Bian introduced.

a, management

management is the rear, is the backing of the operation of the whole tea shop, with a sound management can effectively control the operation of the entire operating system. How to run a milk tea shop? If our products such as tea taste good, not properly pay attention to small details (such as low efficiency, poor service, waste, etc.) will seriously affect the tea shop business, naturally can not continue to operate; therefore "investment confidence in management".

perfect management system should have the following content:

1, quality management: refers to all milk tea products must be strictly in accordance with the color / flavor / taste / type / fresh / health, such as the implementation of the six standards to ensure quality;

2, efficiency management: how to operate tea shop? Efficiency depends on the introduction of advanced milk tea system equipment and optimize the overall operating procedures, streamline workflow, etc. to improve efficiency;

3, publicity management: tea shop sales promotion advertising lamp is the depth of the publicity, is the best weapon to attract the profit of milk tea shop; highlight the characteristics of tea products and image packaging;

4, resource management: including energy (water / electricity / gas) / equipment / materials / personnel / milk tea raw materials and so on, reasonable planning and proper handling of optimization management and good at using;

5 service management: he reflected in culture communication, customer emotion and thoughtful service, emotion can drive consumer word-of-mouth and retain people; the essence and the ultimate purpose of management is to ensure the quality, improve efficiency, improve service, save resources.

two, operating

business is a tool to make money, from the tea shop business projects can be sufficient to determine the market prospects. How to run a milk tea shop? Simply say "Why are people open tea shops can Huobao, some desolate? Why in the same lot of the same class have different tea shop business is good or bad?" is the key to business.

has good management and must have good projects:

1, operating items: refers to the characteristics of tea products, the project is a prominent selling point; like McDonald’s selling point lies in Hamburg, Kentucky Fried Chicken is the selling point of fried chicken; how to operate tea shop? Therefore, the selling point must be prominent, I mention the selling point is the characteristics of milk tea products. Recommended

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