How to achieve a small breakfast shop to earn ten thousand yuan

now want to invest in business people are very many, all walks of life have investment, the breakfast shop this seemingly insignificant small business can bring great wealth. Today Xiaobian take you to look at, a small breakfast shop is how to earn a million monthly.

four elements:

breakfast money

1, taste: incense. If the people who cross the road smell the smell of food in your shop, the business will be prosperous.

2, price: most of the families of the city’s breakfast are on their way to work at random to buy, so the price is a very important choice for the wage earners.

3, health: good health and environment not only to pay more and more attention to the health of the people at ease, but also to buy a good mood, and then have a good impression on the breakfast shop.

4, service: kindness, hospitality, caring, thoughtful service is always the commanding heights of the service industry competition. The service is the price: the good service, the thing expensive customer also is willing to go, because he has obtained the satisfaction this additional value.

1, although the breakfast market is large, but the health of the breakfast has been a problem, especially some snack stalls. Therefore, operating breakfast must pay attention to health. Hygiene includes food hygiene and personal hygiene of the operators. Dress neatly and cleanly

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