nnovation and entrepreneurship in Xi’an the prize collection activities are coming to an end

to promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, there are different measures to implement. Recently held in Xi’an entrepreneurial essay and entrepreneurial ideas collection activities, so that entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial experience, the top of the golden ideas will also get a cash reward.

"double week" by the Xi’an Organizing Committee of Xi’an media group, Xi’an evening news launched the "innovation and entrepreneurship in Xi’an" large "essay and innovation and entrepreneurship in Xi’an" golden ideas solicitation activities, have attracted extensive attention of the society since the start, many more people to actively participate in, has been sending their the "golden ideas and entrepreneurial venture". As of November 30th, the collection activities will be all over, I hope entrepreneurs quickly seize the time to submit their own good articles, good ideas!

the solicitation will be officially at the end of this month, has not submitted works for you, please seize this last chance, submit your work carefully, win cash prizes! Later, we will collect the work to conduct a comprehensive review, selected excellent essay and gold ideas, will be a cash reward. Recommended for the region’s outstanding enterprises, the Xi’an evening news will be selected to report.

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