Prominent signs can enhance store performance

a shop sign is more conspicuous, really will have the influence to the shop’s business? This is probably a lot of shopkeepers want to ask questions. Below, let us see a real case. My name is Wang Zhihui, in Hunan Province, Liling City, a large town on the road to open a supermarket. Supermarket next to the intersection of the county road, diagonally opposite the bus station, the market, weekdays traffic, traffic are larger. Store used to store the old signs have faded, worn and blocked serious, very inconspicuous. My business has been relatively light.

until the end of last year, the customer manager brought me a business guide book, in its recommendation I change the function of the new shop signs, installed on the electronic display screen and a light box, the name "Jiajiale supermarket" and "Rong Cheng" brand logo bright and eye-catching appearance, namely Xuan Yang service culture. Also attracted more customers to the store to buy cigarettes at ease. In addition, the signs on the phone is also particularly useful. Sometimes catch up with the temporary closure, the customer will call me; or sometimes the customer called to say something can not come, I will promptly provide door-to-door service. This can provide customers with convenient, and will not cause the loss of customers.

bright signs for me to attract a lot of mobile customers. Now to the store to buy cigarettes than the previous increase in the number of customers, business is getting better and better, the store’s profits have increased a lot. It seems that I this high-end, the atmosphere, the grade of the new signs are really useful!


is now a lot of traditional retail store owner is not a sign on the note, I do not know, it will have a big impact on the business. Therefore, the transformation of the shop signs is not only the face of the project, but also can play a role in attracting customers. The shop signs can be improved from the following aspects: one is the customer no signs, advising clients to make the sign; two is designed to highlight the atmosphere, beautiful and eye-catching, coordination, give consumers a visual shock; three is worn or faded signs should be promptly replaced; four the sign was occlusion is not prominent, to clean up the shelter; five is to pay attention to signs of maintenance, prominent personality, to create the image of the store.

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