2016 foreign investment in the first half of Henan involving 1 billion 310 million

the trend of economic globalization is speeding up, a lot of local enterprises are no longer satisfied with the development of the domestic market, many high-quality enterprises began to go out of the country’s development strategy. The number and amount of overseas investment projects in Henan record a record high, and large projects accounted for a large. China agreed to invest more than $30 million in the project amounted to 12, involving an investment of $1 billion 310 million, accounting for 80% of the total.

8 month 11 days, reporters from the province held in Zhengzhou foreign economic work meeting was informed that our province for overseas investment projects for the record 116 in the first half of this year, growth of 66% over the same period last year; Chinese investment of $1 billion 640 million, an increase of 22.3%.

from the investment amount, the first half of the province’s overseas investment flow mainly in Africa, Hongkong, the United States China, five Central Asian countries and other regions, of which $751 million 670 thousand Chinese investment in Africa, accounted for 45.7% of the total investment in China; Chinese Hongkong agreement to invest $246 million 958 thousand, accounting for 15% of the total investment in the United States; Chinese investment of 184 million 900 thousand dollars, accounting for a total investment of 11.2%.

from the investment industry, major projects mainly concentrated in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, and manufacturing, mining industry, real estate industry, modern animal husbandry circular economy industrial zone Xinxiang city Limited by Share Ltd such as Hong Kong currency Leather Co. Ltd. established in Ethiopia to invest $440 million in Henan as non Industrial Co. the company in Chad to invest $160 million to set up the first metallurgical limited liability company.

it is worth noting that my foreign business is mainly distributed in Africa and The Belt and Road along the country. The first half of the year, foreign contracted projects in our province, the new contract amount of the top five countries and regions: Angola, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia; complete the turnover of the top five countries and regions: Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Congo, Kuwait, Zambia (gold).

With the rapid development of economy, the economic development of our country is gradually moving towards the overseas countries, which has a close relationship with more countries, and it is becoming more and more important for enterprises to develop themselves and accelerate the development of the economy. 2016 in the first half of Henan’s foreign investment involving $1 billion 310 million, accounting for 80% of the total, which is a record high data, is of great practical significance.

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