Shanxi introduced a good policy to encourage entrepreneurship

many places are encouraging entrepreneurship, young people if you want to start a business, it is best to focus on their local entrepreneurial policies. Recently, Shanxi introduced a number of good entrepreneurial policies, and jointly participate in more than and 10 departments to support and guide the province’s migrant workers, college graduates and retired soldiers and other personnel to return home to start business, expand employment space.

for migrant workers, college students, retired soldiers and other personnel characteristics, requirements and characteristics of the regional economy, to adapt to the new mode of e-commerce business, in the type of training, time, materials selection, organization form, I will explore the development of practical solutions, to carry out targeted and differentiated needs of entrepreneurship training, to return home migrant workers and other personnel eligible to participate in entrepreneurship training to give financial subsidies in accordance with the provisions of entrepreneurship training.


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