Based on the business community to keep in mind the eight do not

is now a lot of female entrepreneurs, want to succeed, you really need to master some skills. As a woman in the business of running a woman, how can the ability to work based on the business community, to keep in mind the eight do not".

1. don’t whisper. Whisper is regarded as distrust of the audience take preventive measures, in a public occasion with companions whisper is very impolite.

2. don’t laugh. No matter what "earth shattering" fun, in the social banquet also have to keep the deportment, most with a bright smile.

3. don’t gush. At the party if you have someone to talk to, to keep a few simple answer is liberal and dignified. Do not report to their own life, or to each other carefully inquire, so it is easy to scare them off, or be regarded as gossip.

4. don’t gossip. Talk on social occasions, exposing the privacy, is bound to be disgusting, let people at a distance".

5. don’t spoil the enthusiasm. In the social dinner party, people expect to see a lovely smiling face, even depressed, also on the surface to move in a smiling, then figure environment.

6. not with stiff. In the face of the first acquaintance of strangers, you can talk to a few unimportant words to start, avoid sitting silent, a solemn expression.

7. do not whitewash under the watchful eyes of the people. If you need to Restroom makeup, or near to the dressing room.

8. not coy disturbed. If you find that someone is watching you, especially a man, be calm and calm. If you have ever worked with each other once, you can naturally say hello. If you never met each other, not coy disturbed or glared at each other, can skillfully left his sight.

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