Sports shoes industry giant Nike’s legendary entrepreneurial story

mentioned Nike, I believe no one does not know, as a well-known brand sports shoes industry, Nike’s brand influence is extraordinary, and Nike brand behind the entrepreneurial story is also a legendary story.

1985 in the spring, millions of American TV viewers saw such an advertisement: a basketball quickly rolled to one end of the court, waiting there for a handsome guy easily wearing color sports shoes foot ball hook into the palm, began to move the ball, at the same time, came the harsh noise of engine the engine roared louder, the boy will soar. The last 10 seconds of advertising is Jordan’s "walk in the clouds", even if he has never watched a basketball game, he will be amazed at his skill.

this period of advertising is not only that Jordan has a special flying ability, also suggests that his feet shoes have inevitable connection with this also. In this ad, the magic of the young man is the famous NBA sports star Michael · Jordan, his feet are the famous sports shoes brand Nike". Before retiring, Jordan sincerely lamented: "Phil · knight and Nike turned me into a fantasy figure." He is here is the knight "Nike", the founder of a small company into a large group, once unknown to the public Jordan pushed the position of the stars.

failed athletes

1938, a normal boy was born in the United States, and most of his peers, he love sports, playing basketball, baseball, running, his name is Phil · the knight, as an ordinary young man, he is very familiar with the Adidas, Puma this kind of sports brand, but surprisingly that is, is this ordinary guy, then create a new brand of Nike, even more than the Adidas dominance in sports field. Knight has been very love sports, his high school paper is almost all related to the movement, even the university has chosen is the track and field sports base in University of Oregon.

Although the

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