Station master must experience the three threshold

said that the stationmaster is the most laborious occupation in every industry, in fact, not fake. Eat less than pig, dry than duck; sleep later than the dog, up earlier than chicken. We come to think of it, why should we do stand, we do stand to make money? Can you think of Baidu as big? You have the capital campaign? Well, get to the point of

first sill. Technique,

do stand at least to change a simple website source, now upload space can not open the next station, but you have to be modified, can design their own logo. site you want to finish will diagnose the website security, and SEO, when you start a station when you look at the other station is SEO.

second sills. Baidu

when you do a good job site, SEO also get good, you have to go through Baidu 15 days of new station included stage, if you say not by Baidu can also, that you can forgive this threshold,.

second sills: money,

, if your website how to develop, also little development, at this time you want to use money to hit, the money hit a lot of sites, a lot of success, a lot of failure.


is not to be to see the original

search storage

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