Who knows female webmaster site behind the sad

girl I’ve never done website, do stand is designed to help sister engage in e-commerce, around April, after the help of domain name and space before repairing down, but other work requires me to do. I’m just talking about the key,

is the first, perseverance, perseverance that I can, to lose weight, but also a few months hungry over, oh, do more in need of perseverance, every day that you don’t know what will happen tomorrow, just like my website, do not know what the competition is, a few days before the attack the paralysis in 2 days, I feel very depressed, but I still survived, after all, this website is sister door way, I must work hard, will also include the update, you must update the content of your new station every day, not much, should be gradual, slowly, every day 3, 5. I personally feel, the original, the original is good, but it also depends on individual ability. After all, we don’t have too much time to work, so I think 1 weeks, 1-2 is enough.

second, is to learn, we are talking about SEO, but you really have to learn, in A5 do not always irrigation, occasionally learn website essence, see graph king, and other moderators, although this technical thing is not much, but look carefully, can be found, only to continuous learning, in order to fruition.

is the third skills, for example, my website www.govbo.cn www.radream.com, as a novice, do not understand the beginning, made some revision, but overall no major changes, this is the skill, especially women’s website, we can not feel anxious, not on a large area to change, this is a novice webmaster the taboo, get a small column, increase a little action, this is the skill, rigid move people’s things, not a long way.

is basically these, and personal feelings for novice webmaster is still more useful.

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