The meaning of individual website existence still need to build personal website for oneself now

personal website, this used to be very popular terminology is slowly forgotten with time, the Internet threshold is getting lower and lower, personal website is no longer an important entrance. Even computers are no longer the preferred platform for Internet access.

then, is it necessary to build a personal website for yourself,


, not everyone has a

it is undeniable that personal web site has a certain degree of professionalism, so it costs a lot of money to build it, whether it’s money or time. The expectation that there is a cost to pay will be rewarded. Everyone who insists on blogging must have its motivation behind it, but what I see is that more and more individual bloggers have abandoned the site where they paid the cost.

why? Because nobody reads, what does a person mean by writing? If you just write notes and put it in local, you can do it faster. Since you have chosen to put it on the Internet, you must be expecting readers. But the ideal is beautiful, the reality is cruel, you write those things is no one to see.

, you’re not a big star,

why Xu Jinglei wrote a few words, "today is so sleepy" and so on, there are tens of thousands of comments. You hard code of several thousand words, and pictures are in writing, the only visitors only search engine crawlers.

because you’re not Big Boy, and online visitors are anonymous, they basically have nothing to do with your life, and they don’t care where you went and what you ate. These things can become the talk, so if you want to share this kind of content in the website, I suggest the circle of friends, QQ space, a good place. At least you can get a few praise.

experts are not so good when

in addition to the celebrity gossip, most online opinion leaders are experts in all aspects, they can often be a hundred responses to a single call.

but I still insist, even if it is a pseudo expert also has his reason, don’t even say the real daniel. Many people love to write technical articles, but first you personal is an unknown to the public of the passers-by, even made a sudden head resuscitation can be called God class article, will be buried in the sea of information. What’s more, the probability of such a situation is basically zero. In most cases, the articles written by ordinary people are not expected, and they are not readable.

and now there are all kinds of reading platforms, sharing sites, and garbage stations. The articles on your website have not been climbed up, they have been taken away, a little conscience, but also posted a source link, unscrupulous direct even the author name to you change.

How does

personal website manage


this title is written out, a similar article on the Internet a lot. But I’m not from a technical point of view. I’m going to start with it

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