Review of the development of Taobao Technology five Java era firm rock

already has readers who can’t wait to ask how to get rid of IOE. Don’t worry, there’s still a long way to go before you remove IOE. After they bought the minicomputer, we used Oracle, seven, with a bunch of DBA to optimize SQL and storage, and several architects were studying the scalability of the database. Oracle itself is a closed system, using Oracle to do with the expansion? Now a fashion statement is "split table".

we know that the processing power of an Oracle is capped, its connection pool is limited in number, and the query speed is inversely proportional to capacity. Simply put, in the amount of data, billions of queries on the amount of time, it reached its limit. The easiest way to break this limit is to use more than one Oracle database. But a closed system extends, not as easily as a distributed system. We put the user information in accordance with the ID in which the two databases (DB1/DB2), the commodity information sellers follow inside two corresponding database, the category of goods and other general information on the third repository (DBcommon). The purpose of doing so, in addition to increasing the capacity of the database, there is also a disaster tolerance, in case a database hangs, half of the data on the entire site can operate.

After the

database so the application is in trouble, if I were a buyer, buy goods have DB1 also have DB2, when you want to view "I get the baby", how to do the application? To which the two databases were searched out the corresponding commodity. What about sorting by time? The two libraries, "the treasure I’ve got", are all checked out and merged in the application. And how to deal with the keyword query page? How to deal with these things? Give programmers to do would be very miserable, so for epilepsy in the first architecture on Taobao’s works to solve this problem, he wrote a database framework of DBRoute routing, this framework in the Taobao Oracle era has been in use. Later, with the development of business, the bank’s second aims: disaster recovery effect is not reached. Like evaluation, complaints, reports, collections, my Taobao, and many other places, must also connect DB1 and DB2, which library hung will lead to the entire site hang up.

said last time that using EJB is the result of compromising with engineers at Sun, and that EJB has been left out in the cold after they’ve gone. In 05 and 06 years, spring shines brilliantly, using spring’s IoC instead of EJB’s factory model, streamlining the system.

last article also said that in order to reduce the pressure on the database, and improve search efficiency, we introduced the search engine. As the amount of data continues to grow, by 2005, the number of goods was 16 million 630 thousand, and PV was 89 million 310 thousand

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