The use of skills dating platform access to high traffic

skills to make use of dating platform to obtain high traffic, and now is not a lot of dating platform? Those platforms are high traffic places. Oh, such traffic, but we like it very much. Look, how can I use the dating platform to get high traffic?. Now, the biggest Dating Center should be the QQ Dating Center. Let’s look at the ranking rules at the QQ Dating Center. It’s ranked by the last landing time, the nearest one, the nearest one. So how do you use this rule to get high traffic? The steps are as follows:

to 300 QQ, are set to female QQ, the name is more popular, are registered QQ dating to Baidu image search center, 300 photographs of women, not art, simple picture, very real can, in QQ data do not write any any advertising information otherwise, it would be very difficult to pass the audit.

After the audit by

, the 300 QQ is all put on advertising and then, when someone is with the QQ number, in the view of the data, you can see the advertisement, such as the beauty of the picture: Then use NOOPENQQ or TENYQQ software to hang the 300 QQ all together to make it appear online.

visits the QQ’s dating center accounts at regular intervals, and this ensures that the QQ numbers are in front of each other in their cities. In this way, men who seek beauty at a QQ Dating Center will add these QQ numbers, and then see ads on QQ to target advertising stations.

this is the last time, do one of the commonly used network flow techniques, because the QQ dating service flow is too large, so the general 300 QQ, the flow of the day can reach 100 thousand IP, the conservative argument that one day can have a steady income of more than 1000 yuan, but with the increase of the number of operations the advertising and the spread of QQ, so that this piece of the market increasingly sluggish. Then we extend it, can use the platform of local friends huge traffic, each city has its own platform to make friends, but also very popular, so we can take the same way to register local dating service members, and then upload photos, then in contact with a QQ, because these data every day people will be checking and flow, so every day there will be a steady flow into your ad QQ, to create profits for our advertising page.

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