Talking about the wrong path and correct strategy for enterprises to run social media

The emergence of

social media changes our online habits, and perhaps now you are also like the author, every day to open the computer is to check their micro-blog information. The same social media also affects the enterprise online marketing model, enterprises not only rely on the website promotion, they can borrow from social media and target users more deeper interaction, get more customers. Although many companies understand that online social media marketing in the role, but also in business and not many companies operating in the Everything is going smoothly., social media is often very easy to go astray, resulting in greatly reduced the rate of return on investment. Here I simply talk about the enterprise in the operation of social media prone to three aspects of errors and correct way of operation, I hope companies through social media to get more profits.

wrong operation strategy #1: spread big nets, catch big fish

many enterprises in the operation of social media, often "sprinkle big nets, catch big fish" error. The specific mistake is to register about social media, Sina, micro-blog, Sohu, micro-blog, Tencent, micro-blog, and so on, have created corporate social media accounts. Many enterprises simply believe that, anyway, registration without money, more registration, a few can get more fans. But this strategy brings the problem is that so many who go to the social platform for enterprises to manage? How to operate so many social platform? Your target customers to pay attention to what a social platform? For the operation and social media is not suitable for the big net to catch a big fish, can not be divorced from the reality of the enterprise funds time and budget, spending too much.

correct strategy #1: put all your eggs in one basket,

online search engine when we are often told not to put all of the egg is put in a basket, but we are doing social media marketing, the author thinks that we should put all the egg is put in a basket. For businesses, diversification of investment is the most effective way to reduce risk. But when we put our resources aside, the rate of return on investment will be minimized. Social network marketing, compared to other forms of online marketing model, the risk is very low, for enterprises, there is no need to spread resources. What companies need to do is to put all their resources together and get a higher rate of return on investment.

error policy #2: overly passive

The success of

social network marketing is often determined by whether your fans can actively communicate for you. But as an enterprise, you do not mean to send a few companies micro-blog information, add a few share button on the enterprise site, etc., you can passively wait for your fans to help you spread information. It’s not difficult to let your fans actively spread your information, because your fans already know who you are on your social network. As long as you guide them to the right topic, fans will naturally spread your content.


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