My webmaster career computer love serial

remember the first time I touched a computer, about 7 years ago. I was in junior high school. The computer has not seen before, presumably most webmaster friends like me, have time to indulge in the game hall? That day, while I was playing the game hall fascinated, heard XXX opened an Internet cafe. I grew up in a small town. I never heard of "Internet cafe". I was very sensitive. The suspect was curious and followed them to the so-called "Internet cafe"". Into the Internet bar to see, (oh, the original computer is this kind of), Internet cafes, computers are not many, only four units. But people cut is very much, (because we haven’t seen these a computer, ha ha).

I stood there for a long time, and still do not know what they are playing, the computer screen is always with a gun and ran, watching the special halo! Ask next to know that they are playing in the CS half life


since we have the first "Internet cafe", less to the game hall run, most of them go to "Internet cafe"". Watching them play half life, is indeed very attractive! Keep the hand.

has just at noon after school, I was in the habit of "Internet cafes look", the strange thing is that "Internet cafes" is not what people basically, four computer just left a nobody, touch the mouth loan, there are two pieces of five money, can play an hour, the first time I close contact Oh! And the computer starts from the novice, very good!! the game has just begun inexplicable strange fell, just bought the AK-41 and don’t let people away.

I didn’t know what the Internet was at that time. "Broadband" was also a simple telephone line. I do not know why our class so many girls like Q, even my unrequited love for a long time, MM also often truancy, out of the internet.

in a group of professional help, I applied for my first QQ, the QQ120237447 is now using (PLMM you can chat with me and then apply QQ to Kazakhstan), want to have a QQ day time of application and application……

with QQ, I began to feel all born Mo and a strong interest, as well as the webmaster friends, often dream of one day in the Q chat on my snow white! But the reality is always cruel, I met on the Internet is not something the main dinosaur is encountered. Beginning on Q, QQ is not so "advanced" what is the name of a video chat? What is the voice?? XXX don’t understand! Only know that in order to get a picture of MM but costly, every day and night without stopping and MM chatting blowing! I remember once a really MM from the online dating to (it is very naive to think of it). This is the webmaster friends talk: "don’t waste my time chatting."

my junior high school age it is accompanied by AK-41 and spent the whole day on Internet have neither learning nor skill!

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