Tell the truth new station new webmaster efforts

Many novice

have been the site of how the development of profitable kind, often for the flow of the site is not to worry about, even if the flow up to the site advertising revenue in fact according to my troubles, more than a year the establishment of the experience with my friends site experience (there are a few W month, but they the station one day is basically no maintenance). Generally speaking, profitable sites can be divided into the following categories (of course, not including sina.163, Yahoo, and starting points), so they are not for beginners. They are empty talk theory, and they are not suitable for novices at all.)

the following method, in addition to the first kind, basically every day as long as 20 minutes following maintenance time. I personally 5 stations, all maintenance time together, half an hour every day, monthly income basically has thousands of.

most beginners buy space at first, they think space to a few G, in fact, otherwise, novice station, in fact, 1G below is enough. A lot of space use no more than 1G, of course, is not absolute, do a few a few station method of G space G space, will be mentioned below the back to the point, 1. is the classification of profitable websites featuring station, (it is nonsense). To do this, ask your station to others surprisingly, in a single area or do more specifically. But the latter requires more time, perhaps the time on the novice is not much, so it is necessary to make the site do he think, now many Webmaster Station are piled to the movies, music there, actually you can change an angle to think about these things, although popular, but the number is much, you stand the probability is low, as do those new content of the station, my friend on a wedding day will be able to hit the station IP 1W IP, and he updated daily time in 15 minutes, for example, take the old site, the original hao123 world famous, a result many people follow the trend, the success of a few, why?? hao123 and almost no difference, hao123 what to your station. But some people’s Web site will be very good, why? He made a free movie site, this site, there are movie download site search engine. Station provides a lot of information about the film, and made a form of alliance, you can allow the webmaster to join the movie information search box to add to their station. As a result, "double profit" and "differentiated operation" have been realized. Open women’s website, not all. Everything comes with emphasis, such as clothing and so on. (there are some better content to say no, I want to stay for use, said I rob and everyone)

2. It’s the movies, the music sites, but these are all about promotion. Most of these stations (easily search engine, so don’t need to specially optimized, the name of the movie when the title is good, so their promotion of the station is very important, the main method used to have a prawn written very clearly, the forum "

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