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said Wangzhuan, I would like to ask you how many people earn money. I guess it is only a small part was made, most people are still hovering outside the door! Or now many people do not know how to earn! Here is said to the marketing mode, a change of thought, only the site advertising can make money make money? The way there are many first you have to think again is to have patience! Now we have a misunderstanding to

the first thing is to believe in getting rich overnight. Please calm down and think about it. Is that possible,


one, the purpose is unknown,

many friends in the Internet craze blindly follow the trend, there is no established clear goals and clear strategy, and finally led to waste a lot of manpower and resources;

two, the pursuit of form

only pursues quantity, does not pay attention to the quality, causes the potential customer to flow away, feels that own station content is very many, very rich, can make money, that does not have necessarily!


three, I do not know the promotion of

promotion of the site, there is no clear promotion strategy, good site is not promoted, there will be no return;

four, blind choice of

doesn’t exactly locate the site. What does it mean to attract visitors’ attention and let him go to his website next time?

out of the misunderstanding, network promotion is the core

want to get customer orders, but also as we do online under the same market, enterprise marketing activities on the network. When you make a good, it is like an online Island, no one knows it, only through our online or offline marketing work in the customer, the customer will find our island, understand our website, so as to determine whether to visit

I make a personal opinion! We can’t be a sleepy Wangzhuan Road, there is a saying that people move to live, move trees die! So we should change their ideas better!! is the combination of traditional business and network marketing


here also said e-commerce and network marketing, it is sometimes hard to distinguish between the difference, but it is not important, it is only a similar philosophy on the false problem, important for people who want to make money is no matter who is who, the key is to bring tangible benefits and benefits for themselves. Therefore, we must first of all have a solid and planned to do a good job in network marketing, and then to complete our e-commerce transaction process.

that’s the key point that Lao Zhang wants to communicate with you:

1, traditional business and network promotion should be fully integrated. Network promotion is only "publicity" effect, whether or not to clinch a deal, traditional business needs to have a good tradition, business base and competitiveness. The advantage of this combination is that the traditional business through the network promotion only pay a very low cost, the effect is remarkable; the effect of network promotion through the extension of traditional business, get a very big profit release. For example, since > sangdoo

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