Years of accumulation of contacts for the site to bring huge flow

has just started to do stand friends, to make the site quickly traffic surge, requires a period of experience, but if you have good contacts, I have a method may be suitable for you, of course, this is just one way, as the saying goes, "the relevant department act", ha ha, how to play also look at myself.


was a child, she heard a radio program about how a local woman could do 1 million of her web browsing. She listened to it with gusto, and then forgot about it. Later, I did personal webmaster, every day for traffic not worry, and suffer from no experience, not quite know website promotion, SEO, and so on, need time to study. I suddenly thought of this show, suddenly understand that this is speculation, with the aid of a radio program to bring traffic to your site, and think they have met in a local radio station with friends, then contact with this friend, chatted, she also for the day planning program is a headache, I said to provide a the material, of course is my website, we have to discuss, I to tidy up the content of material, she came to a free program planning program, for a week, finally come to a station to interview, although we have here is a small town, but because the people here are mostly business, basically well-off families, private cars density is the province’s largest county.

I do is a tourist information station, love walk, broadcast on the same day brought 1000+ IP, and after the subsequent statistics, about 60% people have joined the station my favorites, every day there are hundreds of local IP fixed to visit me about this cola. This would immediately add advertising, later decided to do user experience, now on IP3000+, then over time you can add ads have income. My brother’s classmates are all over the country, and now I am planning to promote another city.

here is just one uses a network promotion methods, what’s more, a friend is on the Internet, you can ask a friend to help a shortcut in every computer desktop, Internet cafes now hundreds of machines, the flow quickly, the cost is low, also please friends to eat meal cost. Then a friend opened a delicious Hot pot shop, can put their own money to help Hot pot shop name card printing, it is understood not expensive, then let the friend hair name card, and certainly not send people, according to their website users to send.

as long as you have resources, contacts, and more ways to bring traffic to the site. If you think this article is really useful, reproduced when you keep the little brother’s station ( love to walk.

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