Ten suggestions for a new station owner

I am old rookie, do standing time is not long, not short, almost 5 years. In the meantime, did 6 websites, not here to show off, but tell you when I was in the station, some detours, say, avoid new Adsense repeat mistakes.

one, website planning

, that is, the theme of their own site positioning, you want to do what the theme of the site, through what means of profit?.

two, select the source code

according to the needs of their web site theme, select source code, if you are solid, you can also write your own source code, for new Adsense recommend all kinds of relevant source code.

forum class: PHP’s Discuz; ASP’s easy forum

CMS class: PHP’s dedecms; ASP’s active or new cloud

blog class: phpwordpress; ASP’s zblog

three, select template

according to their preferences, designed to download templates, adding traffic statistics code, and optimization (SEO), to template production, modify the proposed use of H1, H2, META and so on.

four, collect content

ready website content, it is best to enrich the entire home page template, the content is best for the theme of the site around the original, reproduced articles must be modified. Not recommended to collect, the content of the site more, not necessarily will be included, in other words, may not be able to bring you traffic. About website content, you are in essence, not in much.

five, select space

according to their source ASP or PHP space, the novice suggested virtual host win host, when installing the source code to facilitate some, some source to set the file attributes in the Linux host. When choosing space, be sure to pay attention to the stability and security of the server. It is recommended to ask more questions before you buy. The choice of space in fourth, because first in the local procedures and templates debugging, in order to avoid waste of unnecessary space, rental time, two is to avoid leaving a bad impression on the search engine.

six, select domain name

chooses domain name, had better use COM suffix, because COM domain name is used rate is tall. When choosing a domain name, consider several aspects: first, ask for a good note; second, short, domain sense, third, easy to input. It is worth emphasizing that before you register the domain name, you should check the history of the domain name and avoid registering the domain name which has been dropped by the search engine K.

seven, source code template debugging,

with FTP tools, the local debugging good source code and templates uploaded to the virtual space, upload tools recommend using FLASHFTP, easy to understand. Installed after the installation of source code, test procedures have no problem, the same test template again, there is no problem

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