Webmaster tools new function of friends chain detection upgrade

webmaster tools (seo.chinaz.com) is the largest tool use Adsense, although there are now Baidu webmaster tools, including love station, Adsense helper, or not to use these tools webmaster tools people, webmaster tools, powerful, easy to use, long standing basic need to query the data can be responded by the webmaster tools the world ranking, webmaster tools: 109: 120, the average daily traffic rank: IP = 4872000, PV = 43506960, which Baidu is expected to average daily flow of 9162, showed its powerful features.

Links detection is a very important work, Links as the highest weight chain, its value is much higher than our hand a few days or even a long time outside the chain of value, as for the mass effect, then maybe than the value of a chain, so there will be countless owners to buy the chain. But since the new Baidu algorithm on the purchase of the chain of combat, Links becomes more precious, now this time to find a good Links, not easy, and Links inside, one of the most important work is to detect.

Friends of the chain detection tool

home station is one of the most widely used tools in the chain detection tools, many owners are lazy, don’t love Links check, you can do that, then it, regardless of whether others secretly removed their links; when some webmaster friends exchange just look at the chain, PR or Baidu weight, while this is one of the reference data, but the site outbound links, site of the PR output value has seen? Important here I have to explain in detail the test site Links.

1. through the detection of friends chain, you can know the PR output value of other people’s Web site. The exchange of friends of the chain, the most important fact is that it is not the PR value, but the output of the PR value, a PR5 website, it has 100 outbound links, then its PR output value must be below 0.2, and a PR3 website, it has only 5 outbound links, then its PR output value is more than 0.5, apparently PR3 station can bring you to the website weight is much higher than the PR5 station to your weight. Only a large number of sites will have PR requirements, the general web site does not strongly require the site PR to achieve the number, so testing the site’s PR output value is also very important.

2. knows which websites link to each other’s websites. Want a website exchange Links, first check the other site data, to see what the site links to it, if a web site is bad friends of the chain, then you exchange for it, if it is the site affected, your site will not be spared, Links detection of the other site is also very important.

3. inquires their website links, whether the site has been K situation, or secretly remove their links. Some webmasters like it

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