Webmaster talking about classified information network operation Raiders

first, classify the webmaster of the information website to have the idea of "media".

media is a tool to communicate and disseminate information. It is a kind of information carrier, such as television, radio, newspapers and magazines, Internet and Internet media. It is called "fourth media". The location of classified information networks is very clear, just like local TV stations, local newspapers and local radio. Local television stations, local newspapers, local radio how to manage you how to manage the local television stations, local newspapers, local radio how to promote you on how to promote the local TV stations, local newspapers, local radio how profitable you how to profit. Of course you don’t forget the characteristics of network media and traditional media is not the same, can not see I say this is completely mechanically, here I mean that you have to learn and master the way the media operation.

second, classified information website column setting is the first effective release, check all kinds of local people need information, not Tandaqiuquan, don’t do it.

classified information network is for local people to see, to meet the needs of local people, local people landing more, your site will have commercial value. Local people on the Internet most inquiries are property information, talent information, dating, dating information, second-hand information, local services, telephone information, merchants promotional information. Local news, of course, is also popular, but because of the sensitive topic, the need for pre examination and approval and editing difficulties, not enough strength, not recommended. The classification of information network are generally set up a real estate, personnel and other types of information channels, but many columns are lack of convenient effective classification retrieval function, and even some website column is not based on the information, but the information in this article mainly. If you read information articles, we will go to Sina, Sohu, and here you do?. Column set more, energy will naturally consume more, column quality will be reduced. This is also the reason for the development of many categories of information networks, but local industry networks.

third, classified information network promotion, should pay attention to the ground integration promotion, should be good at operating various activities.

classified information network information channel information how to do less, wait for the release of netizens paltrily, has introduced a simple and effective method for everyone, is the arrangement of manpower by street by the local merchants to Lane free registration and the masses of all kinds of information, free release to the web, per person per day registration information specified tasks. Then collect printed leaflets for free, of course, inscribed to play their advertisements and. Side registration side propaganda, the other party want to know more information, will naturally landing your web site, some uncle aunt home without computer, will not go online, even take leaflets to the Internet bar to find someone to help find information. It’s a quick and effective way, with the cost of just 1-2 people’s pay plus a few pennies per penny.

empty refers to the website, the ground refers to the ground activities, and the integration of land and space refers to the combination of website promotion and practical activities, and the combination of effective websites and ground activities is very helpful for website promotion

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