Wine sales website issues and Solutions

inventory queries,

this is probably the biggest problem Wine website, because most of the Wine sales website does not have their own inventory, so you can pick a thousand million in the election, there is no stock phenomenon, this will make consumers feel frustrated.

delayed delivery,

this is a continuation of the inventory problem. After the confirmation of the order, the website obtains the product from the supplier, warehouse or importer, and then delivers the goods. As a result, there is often a long delivery cycle, sometimes as long as a week. Most people who buy wine on the website are eager to drink as soon as possible. This situation will eventually leave the guests.

confusing website

some web pages are very complex, with video, chat and other windows, so that you do not know where to start to start the procurement of the site. This confusing page can make guests feel like they’re in a grocery store.

drop-down menu

many designers of wine sites seem to have never been to a wine store. They put the drop-down menu to do too complex, make you dizzy. Too much hierarchy can get guests lost in complex searches. A virtual shelf might be a good solution.

old pages,

many sites spend too much time on wine shopping and price discounts, and they don’t have the energy to update their web pages and make it a bit more stylish. This will make the guest feel that the page is very old, so as to doubt whether the website is still operating.

too much mail,

now, many websites send several emails to their customers in a day, plus an integral promotion, which makes customers more and more annoyed.

if the operators of the website have these problems, then can they easily get the following conclusions from the Chinese wine information network:

timely stock feedback

timely inventory feedback is necessary, but it may be more expensive. Well, at least every day, the inventory situation is reflected in the list of products on the site. Do not display items on the web that cannot be verified and shipped on the same day.

clear delivery strategy,

must list a clear delivery strategy at the obvious location of the home page, free or free, including a clear delivery area.

real user evaluation


must be provided by real customers, those false comments are not what significance for customers, they will soon be able to discern the authenticity, once found deceived, will never come back.

clear before and after the label

all consumers are willing to see clear label photos, it will.

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