Talking about how long Baidu included is normal

stated that this article is really soft, but I also want to read this article you can harvest, or even a little reassurance.

Baidu included, it can be said that now the new station after the establishment of the first goal. How to let Baidu fast included the method in the webmaster online either soft or hard, can be a lot of. I only say about my new station, how is the foreign periodical network included in the normal time?.

many experts say Baidu is now included in the new station has a 15 day assessment period, I didn’t care. When you begin to do, step by step according to the teachings of the older generation.

first of all, the original or pseudo original content released, it is better to find content on the Internet is not easy. For example, my blog about the movie Chaos Theory / chaos theory (American) soundtrack is something like that. I was on the Internet looking for Chaos Theory / chaos theory (American) soundtrack episode, and found it difficult to find the relevant content on the domestic website. So on foreign singer Alex Dezen blog to find the download, and then wrote an episode of his own finishing articles, sent on Then sent to Baidu space, Baidu post bar, Baidu know where to ask the question. Then wait……

, then it’s always the chain. To the PR value of high BBS, send apply for friendship link paste, this is a good way. Why do you say that? Because you can not only leave your link while you apply for it, but also leave your website with a description of what you are doing. And search engine for the PR value of high web site update is very fast. At that time I was in a PR is 4 BBS application, and now search for that keyword, that post is also in my web site before. So it’s a good deal.

I did not included in the station before the delivery of the soft text.

then, like most new webmasters, every day in the browser…… Then update the content

eventually. The site was established in June 13th and Baidu was included on June 28th.

‘s predecessor was absolutely right, just for 15 days. So here to tell the new Adsense Baidu is not included, as long as you update the content every day, Baidu will not forget you! There is no need to do what means of cheating, the two most tips and I mentioned above is OK

now I’m working on my own university Trading Forum – the Xilin secondhand trading forum. Because it is a local forum, promotion center on the line, whether Baidu included, no feeling. Find a domain name has been included, transferred to their own domain name. Just wait and see, ~~

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