Rookie simple talk about increasing the income of the site in English

now through the advertising alliance, especially GG, should do a lot of standing, it is known to all, the price of the Chinese station is low, far below the English station. Even in China’s IP English website, such as my campus code station, although the topic is the code in English, but the price is not high. The best way to increase the price is to use foreign (US) IP English station, in order to realize how much income how many knives. These days, I study English station, will find or summarize some of the main points of simple, I hope we avoid detours:

number 1: English hosting, domain name hosting, preferably international domain names com, org, net, etc.; the space is best to use the American independent space.

second: English station procedures, personal feelings WordPress and Dede can be, but which is easier to use? I think the former, the installation of some plug-ins, you can build into CMS. Regardless of the GOOGLE optimization, or included are better.

third: content, of course, to the original or pseudo original. We are facing the world’s Web site, not China’s copyright bike environment, must not infringement! Pay attention to copyright awareness! This is also the basis for search engine optimization or key bar!


fourth: do English station positioning, and do Chinese station, to locate accurate, fine, avoid by all means broad or portal type website, after all, is English, make too big, range of update, maintenance is difficult.

fifth: English is not good, you can refer to some translation tools, such as YAHOO online translation tools, etc., at the same time as a station, you can also learn English while doing stand (a bit bitter). But this is very necessary, not the entire site is Chinese English, foreigners can not understand, not to mention the user experience.

sixth: English station, at least to do YAHOO and Google’s SEO, and secondly, English station also pay attention to a little art, at least in line with foreigners reading, thinking habits. I have not considered this, after all, just contact.

so write it, in short, do English station should be more serious, don’t do English garbage station. Original article, please reprint, please retain copyright: thank you,


note: the rest of the same as the Chinese station updates frequently, exchange links, cited outreach, to maintain the best optimization. Make a lot of money – you can do it,


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