New station built a week after the server explodes do the station again

in May 19th, I made a bag net I did this website for 35 yuan RMB. The content is: 1. domain name 20 yuan, 2. space 15 yuan (foreign space 100M). It took me 2 days to complete the entire site, including the optimization of the content of the product description. The site by the third day, GOOGLE Chinese search engine keyword search second pages to find my website, the reason is: 1. perfect 2. website content website content is true and original 3. station I had just finished PR2 website and launch a single link, my friends and I do Links, are PR1 more than 4. of each product description in the keywords are the anchor links to the website’s home page and channel page, each product description control as 3 anchor links around. These work I finished in 2 days, and in the second day at noon issued a soft Wen lead spider, GOOGLE to my site weight is higher, so third days to my ranking. One thing to say is that the third day I can find my website on GOOGLE Chinese second pages, and the reason is that the word "bag" is not very competitive.

site just completed fifth days, the server burst, and 15 yuan of virtual space will be wiped out, and even a picture did not give me the rest. The server over there said that the server was recovering and told me to wait patiently for the data to recover. As a result, the first wait is more than a week, because the time is urgent, so I changed a server to do this site, the current problems encountered are:

1. My website is equivalent to a website that was re – created after K, so I need to find a way to get it included again.

2. Re created out of the content of the original and there are differences, but still the old content, equivalent to collection, increased the difficulty of collection.

3. Links are hard to find. People see, I know is K website, and I dare not link.

I have to use the method of

is: 1. re submit the site 2. back to the station when another program 3. of their old website a few links 4. and 5. the number of black chain product description to write original articles with 6. caps.

experience summary: 1., space purchase, not greedy, cheap, 2. frequently do site data backup, 3. nothing, build a few blog station, 4. dozen good interpersonal relationship, when there are difficulties, someone will help you.

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