Stop your flicker please

long time ago, began in ADMIN5 webmaster online to see other people write the soft text, but always feel that they have nothing to write, no flow, no station.

when he was forced to write soft Wen, just understand, originally, soft text is mostly flicker.

today, XXX boasts of his QQ space station traffic over 10W, tomorrow this boast had 500W risk investment, or whoever said Naruto do their first Baidu keyword, in fact, you are. Why flicker? Because ADMIN5 is a place that introduces experience, since write soft Wen, want to have to say, the article that has nothing to say can not pass. So you have to brag about how the station NB, how much is this cattle station, emboldened enough, you can just send the soft irresponsibly.

dear colleagues, less Huyou point, do not naive, and sum up your experience, and write your soft Wen,


flicker, what’s the good for yourself? At most, satisfy your vanity, give more than a few soft wen. In the end, your station is still a mess. Instead of boasting of their stations, as well as increased the details perfect user experience, let others think you are hard to do this station, but not here without purpose.

well, just write so much, saying, don’t scold you.

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