Real name of personal website from network real name

for the network real name, I believe most people are holding the attitude of exclusion, in most Internet users, the network is virtual, different from the reality of society. The Internet provides a platform for people to interact with each other, and exchanges do not require real identity, and can express their true views on sensitive social issues anonymously. The Internet provides a protective barrier for people who dare to speak the truth and tell the truth, so that more people will dare to speak and dare to expose the darkness and unfairness of society. Of course, everything has two sides, and there are still anonymous defamation and illegal speech.

for network real name, network owners reported that a lot of related news, No. 15 "Hubei intends to promote the blog blog real name system users will use the real name registration" which is not to open the web blog real name system precedent? For network real name, we hold each point, each one airs his own views, so far, the negative voice temporarily higher than sure, this is not the symbol after all the characteristics of the Internet, virtual, shared and open. Whether the real name of the network will eventually become inevitable, we will wait and see.

I believe that the network name is not feasible, it is difficult to implement, but personal websites urgently need real name. Although now the site for the record is real, but there is still a false false situation, take others identity card to record, personal website name didn’t pay enough attention to by webmaster. I summed up the meaning of two personal websites’ real name.

home page, individual website real name can safeguard the lawful interest of stationmaster.

Internet is, after all, a virtual society, and personal websites are also virtual personal property. The law has no corresponding laws and regulations to protect virtual property. If a personal website disputes, domain name theft or other problems, there is no real name protection, will be more difficult to deal with. "Own domain name rejected the notary department said the notary network property is not well defined, the legal rules of infringement of the network space of virtual property has not yet been established, for lack of legal loophole criminals. Personal webmaster to clear their website authenticity and legitimacy, to better protect the legitimate interests, and consciously record real name, so as to avoid worries.

secondly, personal website real name is also responsible for the user.

said the most important now do website user experience, how well the user experience? The user experience is not just lip service, in addition to the page structure, color collocation of the web page itself needs to be considered, the real name of the website will not increase the user’s trust? Stand in the position of the user, if we are in a web site see, the information is true, I believe we will have a crush on the website, if coupled with the website also do good, is likely to become long-term users.

in short, regardless of the network real name authentication will eventually be recognized by Internet users, whether it will become an inevitable trend of the Internet, personal websites or must first abide by the principle of real name. The personal website industry has good prospects, but requires all of them

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