Zhao Chun adhere to the four step make good use of SNS network promotion

Recently, there are news that Tencent shares happy net, investment of about $one hundred million. Let’s look back at a few rounds of financing before happy nets. In September 2008, happy net obtained the first round investment of Aurora Borealis 3 million dollars; in April 2009, Qiming venture capital and Sina have jointly invested 20 million US dollars. After two rounds of financing, the industry once speculated that happy network will achieve IPO. Happy net is one of China’s earliest SNS (social networking sites), which has been regarded as the "dark horse" in the field of Chinese white-collar dating. 2008, 2009 years of happy net "steal food", "parking dispute" and other games have let users Chinese sleep, no two beautiful moment. The Tencent’s big investment, proved the unique value of kaixin. Up to now, happy net registered users more than 120 million, and mainly in white-collar white-collar users in the first tier cities, Tencent friends of the main user group is the campus crowd and two or three line cities.

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