Can the domain name be included

the answer is yes. However, the page contains only one page. Take a two level domain name for the SEO club. is a two level domain name for the SEO club. Turn to, Baidu and Google have been included, and only included one page. And, pr=1, I’m a little surprised about that. However, Baidu and Google included in the case is not the same.



looks normal, just like the others.

and Google is different:


what does that mean,


I think Google has determined that the domain name is forwarded, it did not belong to a real website domain name, just as a jump, so it only describes the two domain names belong, and not to turn the domain information ( to crawl out. But, somehow, I don’t understand, why do you give it weight? Why pr=1,


I think what I did to the two level domain name, only the SEO club were the most clear: to provide download compressed package in the forum, mostly with a connection, or as a decompression password, the original did not directly with, only to consider using a two level domain than to form a directory level two level domain name is more friendly, more comfortable (of course, this is not a good place, is distributed in the weight of Occasionally publicity, SEO Club BBS connection, I also used this two level domain name, so this two level domain name will have some outside even, also bring some small flow.

I think this is the reason for the value of the two domain name Google forwarded by pr. Therefore, we can learn that a forwarding domain name can not only be included, but also gain some weight. However, this does not have much practical significance, on the contrary, we try to avoid doing so, do not spread the weight of other pages.

OK, go on, let’s check out MSN and YAHOO’s two search engines:


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