tbulu stationmaster is a job without security

in the morning and in the chat, he said Guangdong a friend evaluation of our website, we do this line do not have a sense of security". Again quoted yesterday, I saw behind the saying: "do stand more and more chilling.". The fear of policies, fear of hackers, fear Baidu left, right before the fear, afraid of the villain, scared loopholes.

itbulu, first, I’ll work out some people who work in the station:

was the first to learn web design and art and work on Web Design in small web companies. Such people generally pay will not be too high, and even social security companies have not paid, a month will be more than 1000 points, the city may be a little better. Deduct a percentage from a sum of money is certain, big head is to the company, part is to salesperson, oneself do a website, can deduct a percentage from a sum of money or more than 100. Income is mainly based on the ability of the company and their technical level, according to my observation, honest Internet companies stay nine to five, is generally the entry-level players; master or self-employed, or they have to do in private life, the network company is just a facade, outsiders or company. The owners have no sense of security is mainly reflected in their income is relatively low, the basic will not starve to death, because such a webmaster or designer is a grasp of a lot, will change the enterprise station, National People’s Congress to write a small program in someone.

second, do their own site to do the flow, earn advertising union money. Domestic advertising companies run away and deduction amount, hard to do the site and the flow of income not to pay, we see a lot of forum every day said delayed payment deduction amount, etc.. China’s garbage station is many, make us site more and more difficult, Baidu included difficult, included in the rankings up difficult, ranking up stable. Very hard to think of a keyword and website program, hard one month was collected overnight, others with an old domain name rankings and included more than you. Every day in the BBS posting, outreach, midnight update day hard?? is there a sense of security?


third, enterprise website construction is out of fashion when, many Internet companies are beginning to engage in the SEO business, so this post is made of SEOER. Or go back to the first kind of person, junior entry-level type, continue to stay in the network company, a little skill of their own, alone, a month after a list, you can afford to do in small companies two months. From this point of view, you can see that the Internet entrepreneurs, especially freelancers are quite a lot, a computer, a cable can start business. SEOER is a parasitic life in the search engine, it can be compared to the head is hanging in the search engine, search engine changes, SEOER thrilling chatter. Complaints from all sides, condemning what reason is, after all, is our own choice of insecure occupation.

is very hard to do website, but don’t do website, what do we do? Set up shop to cost, find a job, no work experience, learn a craft, can’t endure hardship… If you still choose to do webmaster >

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