A former employee disclosure know how to do community operations

I’ve been away for almost 3 years. It’s getting better and better. Although the day of departure has been inactive, and there is not much precipitation relationship, but know the products and operating mechanism, or to motivate the author.


has been away for almost 3 years. It’s getting better and better. Although I have been out of date, there is not much precipitation, but the product and operation mechanism are still able to motivate the author.

‘s dissemination of history, content and people:

I’m not active for a few years, or add a lot of fans every day, there are countless private letters and messages. And these are not the news from my former fans. I know this is the author who once wrote a good answer, and there’s a mechanism for exposing them again:

1, new user registration recommendation: when users select areas of interest, they will recommend excellent responses in the field.

2, good content does not depend on the timeliness of the dissemination:

users always see when they search, and the search box is so conspicuous

topic page, in addition to the timeline content, there are best questions and answers, the best answer

3, or more, will bring the spread again, home time line and play a role.

‘s inspiration for new talent:

knows, as long as you really can write a good answer, even if you are an ordinary person, no fans, access to exposure is not difficult, because:

product mechanism to increase the possibility of new people recognized:

1, problem watchers will give you approval, bringing communication,

, you are 2 big fans concerned agree and not a small probability event, because the relationship between the content and the bound (person) is not particularly strong, a large V, also have their own areas, will also go to agree with other areas of good answer

operation strategy + algorithm recommendation:

gives new people good answers, more exposure, including manual endorsement, recommendations to discovery pages, official micro-blog communications, etc..


1, early operation, in order to make the best newcomer can be recognized, I am human recognition, the new answer to all, see good answer immediately recommended to the whole team know almost all areas of development, then we volunteer to find the answer, find good new people.

2, and later, we tried to allow machine algorithms to help us identify these potentially high quality content.

community users are always mobile, and then the core users may also be lost, and some of the loss is not a platform error. Just different stages of life, some people will certainly leave. Or leave at some point. The friend that runs forum, did moderator >

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