For straw brothers the idea of local building materials group buying

for a long time did not want to write articles in Webmaster nets, because there has been no time, but every day still like eating open Webmaster Station and Adsense nets, look at the news. Learn about, before each article very serious look, now it is selective to see, not because of the other but because there are a lot of things recently do not need to see, or now than we know the author friends so a little darker. A few days ago to see the new net friend QQ. From the straw, it has been concerned about, will be open to look at recent progress every day, why care so much, because familiar with him, the villagers have some attention, there is a very important aspect of the building materials are considered for a long time today, the "new straw group net on the road to entrepreneurship and I also in the start of the" friends to communicate with you once, I think of the local building materials group purchase website, the new group view.

1: the main business category of group buying websites

real estate, Home Furnishing, marriage, automobile, five kinds of general education is the main content of the group purchase group purchase website, why is this five categories, this may be the reason why some spending relatively large projects in people’s life, in other words the most consumption ability of the group purchase business, but on the inside carefully analysis found that in these 5 categories which are the most group purchase of building materials?. Why is building materials, the reason why it is necessary to participate in group purchase.

two: why do you want to buy


in group purchase, may everyone will say because the price is cheap, because it can participate in group purchase, only half right, there is one of the most important reasons is that the problem of time, we may be webmaster friends mostly in to their own working time, what they say, but more many working people, working people to work in the unit of friends, time is very few, in real estate, Home Furnishing, marriage, education, car five categories, only the type of building materials is related to the most, is the kind of light can be divided into 12 categories, meaning that is if you own you also want to buy building materials at least 12 stores to buy, plus the number of each category, the workload is very big, most people don’t have the time to participate in the work, and group purchase. To this point, buy is the 12 types of businesses all integrated together, it is equivalent to you, as long as visiting a building materials shop, you can buy all of the 12 types of building materials. Here is a story, in the last few days I have a television colleague asked me why there is no good decoration company to recommend, I told him in our Shuyang basic meaning is not how to decorate, suggest to buy their own, she said, I have no time to go to a home, find a decoration company is a thing. This let me understand, most of the decorative family is a province of things, no time, this is also the group can organize, building materials good organization is an important reason. So save money, save time >

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