From student to T enterprise CEO experience

99 years in September, when I was a junior high school the first grade, but also my life into the computer start, then computer is a very rare baby before we get there, everyone it is filled with a kind of… Say that…

then the school has 20 sets of P2 machine, listening to the teacher said it was the best of all middle school baby, the 20 machine is the teachers per person in the salary of 1000 yuan, more than 5800 yuan in bank loans, money from Chengdu to buy back; then we returned to the house of elders will be said. I study computer….

in 2000, the computer teacher installed a WIN 95 operating system, in the classroom to teach us to record songs, watch movies… Because of this, I am full of love and continuous exploration of computers…

junior high school grade three, a test of the country’s fifth, unfortunately, did not go to the county key high school… The gas is only two. When I went to Grandpa high school, go to their young comrades, teacher, teach my computer teacher, they went to the headmaster to intercede, President ignored; on the day before I went to school, my father holding the last hope to find his one of the students, the students and the principal are university students, but go to, the president did not sell accounts; in that case, my heart is very uncomfortable, just two points, so many people help me not to intercede, was not sensible, I was at the school said a: " I don’t believe you, I don’t I get out of this school, and then turned to " pulling her father to go. Back home, nothing, give dad a word, I read the secondary school to go; at that time, the family anxious to live. The whole family wanted me to go to college… I want to read a secondary school. Fortunately, the second day Dad agreed with me, ask me where to go to school, I did not consider the answer he " Sichuan business school, " dad asked why, I answered him, a professional software development that school, I want to learn that; so read secondary >.. to Deyang, their learning is also very hard. At the heart of thinking, I put it in front of the other, I can not feel back to let him see it, every day is five point five lines of life; bedroom (dinner bed) -5 get up to the playground 20 laps – back recite the English Classroom (secondary school the first grade I reported it self, bile greatly, reported to the five families, which is a branch of College English) – classes in the afternoon to go to dinner but have a few books to the library, no matter what. At the time of learning in class when the group secretary. Because study, the teacher in charge to withdraw me to make up.. The headmaster will give me a copy. Why? Because when I was in grade two, I didn’t study at school most of the time… A semester to check I have more than 300 classes in school (no name down and tell you a word, in the school to give me a class meeting, our teacher to manage the administrative vice president said "we can’t teach, but to put him on

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