[entrepreneurs] four patterns of the maternal and child industry tools media communities and elec

author / wheat pocket parenting founder

one, four patterns of mother to child websites,

generally speaking, the "mother infant industry" is defined from pregnancy to 6 years of age, especially under 3 years of age. I entered the industry in 2012, made a lot of assorted products, the experience of the past 4 years let me make a summarize, I think the mother industry business model, in fact, after all four kinds of tools, media, community, business (or special services, including O2O).

two, the user’s four requirements

first said demand, penetrate through, see mothers on 4 needs: records, knowledge, social, shopping, consumption.

"records" this needs to understand very well, mainly is the baby picture. In addition, a lot of software daily dynamic daily, 0-2 year old growth calendar, although these are station side editing, but in essence, can also meet the user’s "record" demand.

"knowledge", the characteristics of this user group, summed up in a word, "Mom’s every day is new."". Because a large number of users still have only one child, every day that children grow up is a unknown field for mothers. They need to follow the study and need knowledge. And these "knowledge" mainly includes two categories: 1, professional, expert guidance; 2 amateur, the other mother’s historical experience.

The demand for

"social" is interesting. From the day of knowing the date of pregnancy, the user opens a whole new social network. The process generally continues until the age of 3, and marks the completion of the mother’s activities in two major groups: kindergarten, mother group and district mother group. (at the age of 6, instead of "the mother of the students"), the community will be extremely weak. From pregnancy to age 3, users build a social network from scratch. This is a 4 year business, especially like Renren’s College for 4 years. "Mom, social networking and Renren," huh?. Four years later, not to say that moms don’t need to socialize, but that their social networks are "mature".

"shopping" this demand too much said, only a little, do a lot of people that maternal electricity supplier "authentic" and "special offer" ah, the location is a common industry business, but in fact the mothers are not important, or that little difference. What’s really tough about it? You have to teach your moms what to buy. Last year, honey buds got up so fast, it was important that this implied location. Mom, honey bud, found: "Wow, there are so many" should "to the baby to buy, I have not bought it! Shame ah, sorry, my baby ah." Hurry to buy, buy, buy, and this effect will come out. This is a very important user experience for honey buds.

records, knowledge, social networking, shopping these 4 requirements, the intensity of what? First, they are "just", extremely strong demand; secondly, by comparison, "knowledge" needs weaker, because the demand is essentially.

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